The other side of music

B-Sides was founded in 2005. The purpose of the society is to support and foster extraordinary music and other arts. Its name relates to the B-Sides of vinyl records, which are often less commercial and more interesting than the A-Sides.
Music was the first love of B-Sides. The B-Sides Festival held its premiere in 2006, giving unique sounds of various genres a platform. This on a terrific location on the Sonnenberg, a small mountain near the city of Lucerne, Switzerland.
A certain goal of B-Sides is to challenge its audience consistently, whether with the festival or with its several other cultural projects. For its man ideas, B-Sides can draw on a vast network of talented people, who give themselves in with a lot of passion and idealism.


Association B-Sides
PO Box 7065
6000 Luzern 7

B-Sides Festival Sonnenberg

In 2017, the B-Sides Festival will see its 12th edition (June 15th to 17th). Visited by 800 people on its premiere, 4500 people attended the three days in 2015 / 2016. The festival offers non-commercial music of various genres. Its area is imaginative decorated and is free of sponsoring and promotion. Furthermore, the festival manages its own kitchen and provides delicious meals specially created for the event.

Over the years, B-Sides Festival gained Switzerland-wide reputation as a unique event, which introduces and supports international and national talents as well as locals bands.